Kontes Desain Mobil Porche Hadiah ke Jerman | Kontes Indonesia

The new Cayman is going to hit the roads and it is time to shift your ambition to the top gear. The Porsche Decal Design Contest is here to test the limits of your design skills.

Participation criteria
To qualify for the contest, you will need to be
• A resident of Indonesia
• A current design school student in Indonesia. Students enrolled in part-time or full-time course are welcome to participate.

How it works
• download kit

• Design your decals for the new Cayman. Remember the Cayman models come in yellow, black, white colours – decal designs can use any of these colours as the base.

• Submit your entry by 18 February 2013. Be sure to include a photocopy of your student ID card and the endorsement letter signed by the head of your department. Email your entries to indonesia@codeofthecurve.com

The jury panel comprises:
• Imelda Fransisca, Miss Indonesia 2005
• Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Product Designer and Founder of alvinT
• Christoph Choi, General Manager, Porsche Indonesia

The submitted entries will be judged on these criteria:
• Creativity
• Originality
• Suitability of theme (interpretation of Code of the curve)
• Design inspiration and description

Hadiah : Pemenang dari kontes ini akan mengunjungi Museum Porsche dan pabrik Porsche, dimana pemenang akan dapat bertemu dengan tim Porsche, dan berbagai macam produk Porsche Design yang menarik

info lengkap & download kit silahkan kunjungi www.codeofthecurve.com